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Zygolum Louisendorf 'Rhein Moonlight'

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Zygolum, a related genus to Zygopetalum, is an interesting group that is most recognized by its purple (sometimes blue!) and green flowers. This almost all purple bloom variety produces large fragrant blooms with green tips - an almost constant bloomer. A good beginner orchid for those that like to water. Care is similar to Maxillaria.

Plant may vary from pictured. May not be in bloom. 


Registered name: Zygolum Louisendorf 'Rhein Moonlight'

Parent lineage: Zygosepalum labiosum x Z. Artur Elle

Origin: Mountainous Central and South America

Type: Cool-Intermediate temp epiphyte

Pot Size: 4in

Plant height: 10-16in at maturity. 

Blooming size: YES, blooms last about a month, blooms up to 4 times a year

Bloom info: 2.5-3in flower clusters, deep purple with green tips

Fragrant: Sweet, peppery, fragrance increases with flower age

Toxic: No


Potting mix: Fine bark or sphagnum/perlite mix. Repot carefully in Spring every two years before fully pot bound.

Light: Bright indirect - medium light. Shielded South or East facing preferred. Protect leaves from direct sun exposure.

Water: Water frequently in hot months when media is near dry. Relatively forgiving with short drought periods. 

Temp: Intermediate-cool (55F min night, 90F max day).

Humidity: 60-70%, tolerant of moderate humidity with adequate watering.

Fertilizing: 1/2 strength urea-free balanced fertilizer, every other watering as new roots and leaves emerge. Flush the pot once monthly to remove mineral build up. Decrease to once monthly or stop entirely in Winter.