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Phal. tetraspis coerulea 4in

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In spike! 6/3/24

An interesting sequentially blooming Phal species native to the islands of Southeast Asia that has mutated (probably chimeric) flower color genes causing it to produce flowers with assymmetrical splotches of white and color. This is the more uncommon blue form. 

Every bloom cycle can produce a different color display of waxy, pointed flowers which makes this an exciting addition to the collection. Fragrant, smells similar to mangos. Blooms will last several months.

Blooming sized plant but will not arrive in spike or bloom unless mentioned. Plant pictured is representative of the one you will receive. Blooms pictured are examples of what the flowers could look like but due to the unique genes of this sp, they will not bloom identical to pictured.



Potting mix: Coarse/fine bark with some sphagnum moss added to slow drying or mounted with moss. Repot in Spring once every other year as the bark begins to break down. Don't move up in pot size until fully root bound. 

Light: Bright indirect-medium light. Not picky. Bright North/East facing. Shaded South/West facing is ok with good watering and humidity. 

Water: Water when media is dry. Prefers wet/dry cycle similar to most Phals. Decrease in winter, this variety likes to have a slightly drier rest period. 

Temp: Warm (65F min night, 90F max day). They often spike in spring/summer.

Humidity: 40-80%, not picky with adequate watering. Top dress with moss to help maintain humidity near the base of the plant. 

Fertilizing: 1/4-1/2 strength urea-free fertilizer, every other watering as new roots and leaves emerge. Flush the pot with water once monthly to remove mineral build up. Decrease or stop in Winter. 


Photo credit (bloom): Emerald City Orchids

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Paul Asente
Great plant, arrived in spike

Great plant, nice spike with several buds. Looking forward to it!