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Orchid Repotting Workshop

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Includes the following:

- Potting mix materials

- Scissors/shears

- Gloves (optional)

- Fungal treatment and pest treatment options

- Plastic reusable orchid pot

- Fertilizer samples specifically formulated for orchids

- Drinks!

What you bring:

- 1 orchid you’ve been meaning to repot (for beginners, we recommend choosing one you’re not super attached to to practice on)

- Questions

Learn the secrets of orchid repotting and cultivation. Talk with the expert and owner of Little Orchid Annie's. Prepare your orchids for Seattle indoor growing and set yourself up for success. This is an all ages, beginner friendly class. 

If you lack an orchid to repot, don’t worry! Reach out via email and we’ll provide one for you. Just select the “Orchid Provided” option before booking. 

Optional purchases can be made but are not required for class participation. Local only!

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