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Odontonia Pacific Paranoia 'Other Side Of Kool'

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Odontonia Pacific Paranoia 'Other Side Of Kool' is an intergeneric orchid that has cool purple flowers with a hot pink lip. This variety is more forgiving than Odontoglossum and is very fast growing and prolific. A rewarding orchid perfect for beginners.

Plant may vary from pictured. May not be in bloom. 


Registered name: Odontonia Pacific Paranoia 'Other Side Of Kool' 

Parent lineage: Miltonia Honolulu x Odontoglossum bictoniensis

Origin: Mountainous South and Central America

Type: Intermediate temp epiphyte

Pot Size: 4in

Plant height: 18-24in at maturity

Blooming size: YES, blooms last about 2-3 months

Bloom info: 2in purple and hot pink star shaped blooms on tall spikes

Fragrant: None observed

Toxic: No


Potting mix: Fine bark or fine bark and sphagnum mix. Repot in Spring every 2 years.

Light: Bright indirect - medium light. Shielded South or East facing preferred. Protect leaves from direct sun exposure.

Water: Water frequently in hot months when media is near dry. Do not allow to stay dry for long periods (pseudobulbs will shrivel, leaves will crisp and "accordion").

Temp: Intermediate-warm (55F min night, 90F max day).

Humidity: 30-60%, tolerant of low humidity.

Fertilizing: Heavy feeding Spring-Summer. 1/2 strength urea-free fertilizer, every watering as new roots and leaves emerge. Flush the pot once monthly to remove mineral build up. Decrease to every other watering in Winter.