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Masdevallia amplexa 2in (mature)

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Masdevallia amplexa is a floriferous orchid from Peru that produces small deep red flowers with yellow tails. As a cloud forest orchid, it prefers high humidity and will thrive in low-medium light. A good candidate for vivariums and terrariums. Will stay compact. Almost continuously in bloom.



Potting mix: Long fiber sphagnum or fine bark LFS mix, potted or mounted.

Light: Medium - shade. If given ample water and humidity, some dappled direct light is tolerated but it generally prefers shady conditions.

Water: Water frequently in hot months before the media fully dries. Do not allow to dry out completely. Decrease in cold months and keep an eye out for rot. Water every day or every other day if mounted. 

Temp: Cool (40F min, 75F max). Too high of temps will cause leaf drop.

Humidity: 60-80%, prefers high humidity. Ensure good air circulation. For terrarium growing, open and allow the vessel to "breathe" once a week or install a fan (for larger terrarium builds).

Fertilizing: 1/4 strength urea-free fertilizer, every other watering as new roots and leaves emerge. Run clean tap water through the growing media once monthly to prevent salt buildup. Light feeders - less is more.