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Hoya carnosa Tricolor 'Krimson Queen'

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Hoyas are popular, low-maintenance trailing houseplants. Known for their waxy leaves and fragrant star-shaped flower clusters, these are some of the easiest and most forgiving plants. Hoya carnosa Tricolor 'Krimson Queen' is the pink and white variegated cultivar of Hoya carnosa. Higher light is recommended to maintain hgiht variegation. 

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Potting mix: Well-draining grainy cactus/succulent mix. Repot in Spring every 1-2 years or when root bound. Prefers to be root bound to flower.

Light: Bright indirect-some direct light. South or shielded West facing preferred. 

Water: Water thoroughly when dry (1-2 inches of the soil is dry). Will tolerate drought.

Temp: Warm (60F min night, 85F max day). Keep above 50F.

Humidity: 30-70%. Not picky, but will appreciate higher humidity.

Fertilizing: Slow release fertilizer (Osmocote recommended) applied at the beginning of Spring. Alternatively, full strength soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer applied monthly during active growth. Decrease in Winter.