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Digit fern 4in

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The Digit Fern has strange spindled palmate leaves that resemble the Antenna fern. An uncommon true fern that has "fingers". Tall, thin leaves are fertile while shorter, spread out leaves are infertile. A great statement plant for those that like to water. 


Potting mix: Well-draining soil/peat and perlite mix. Prefers a somewhat water-retentive mix of mostly soil and organic matter. Repot in Spring every 1-2 years.

Light: Bright indirect-medium light. Shielded South or West facing preferred.

Water: Water when near dry (1 inch of the soil is close to dry). Somewhat resilient to drying out (will bounce back). Ok with bottom watering. 

Temp: Warm (50F min night, 85F max day). 

Humidity: 30-70%. Not picky as long as they are well-watered. 

Fertilizing: Slow release fertilizer (Osmocote recommended) applied at the beginning of Spring. Alternatively, 1/4 strength soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer applied monthly during active growth. Decrease in Winter.