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Dendrobium Royal Chip 4in

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Latouria-type Dendrobiums are vigorous growers and easy bloomers provided they are given enough light. As a general rule, dendrobiums generally enjoy warmer, wetter Spring-Fall and cooler, drier Winters. This plant resembles the classic Den. Chocolate Chip but with slightly larger, more purple coloration. Flowers are white with purple speckling and maintain a sweet cinnamon scent as blooms mature. Does not require a winter rest period. 


Potting mix: Coarse orchid bark or well-draining bark mix. Repot in Spring.

Light: Bright indirect - partial direct light. South or West facing preferred.

Water: Water frequently in hot months when media is dry, decrease in cold months but don't stop entirely.

Temp: Intermediate-warm (55F min night, 90F max day).

Humidity: 30-60%, tolerant of low humidity.

Fertilizing: 1/2 strength urea-free fertilizer, every other watering as new roots and leaves emerge. Decrease or stop fertilizing in winter. General rule: begin in Spring, stop in Winter.