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Dendrobium Hsinying Sweetscent 'W-3' x rhodopterygium semi-alba 'GW' 2in

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This cross is a deciduous Dendrobium that drops its leaves before blooming from the mature canes in the Spring. It has white petals and a pink fuzzy lip and a sweet fragrance. A blooming size plant that appreciates lots of light. These get large and enjoy growing so that they can trail downward from the pot. 

As a general rule, Dendrobiums generally enjoy warmer, wetter Spring-Fall and cooler, drier Winters. 



Potting mix: Coarse orchid bark or well-draining bark mix. Repot in Spring once root bound.

Light: Bright indirect - medium light. Shaded South or West facing. Bright North or East facing. 

Water: Water frequently in hot months when media is dry. Decrease drastically but don't stop completely in the cold months (once per month max, water sparingly).

Temp: Intermediate-warm (55F min night, 90F max day).

Humidity: 30-70%, tolerant of low humidity with adequate watering.

Fertilizing: 1/2 strength urea-free fertilizer during the growing season - every other watering as new roots and leaves emerge. Decrease or stop fertilizing in winter. General rule: begin in Spring, stop in Winter.