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Begonia maculata 'Pink Spot' 6in

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Also called the Polka Dot plant, Begonia maculata 'Pink Spot has long, asymmetrical pink leaves with white spots and a red underside.



Potting mix: Well-draining soil and perlite mix. Prefers a somewhat water-retentive mix of mostly soil and organic matter. Repot in Spring annually.

Light: Bright indirect light. Shielded South or West facing preferred.

Water: Keep consistently moist but not soggy. 

Temp: Warm (60F min night, 85F max day). Will not tolerate temps lower than 55F. 

Humidity: >45%, prefers consistent moderately high humidity when good air flow is provided.

Fertilizing: Slow release fertilizer (Osmocote recommended) applied at the beginning of Spring. Alternatively, full strength soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer applied frequently (every other watering) Spring-Fall. Decrease in Winter. Increase phosphorus percentage to encourage flowering.