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Cattleya maxima var. alba x sib 5in

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This is the white variety of Cattleya maxima, a species from Western Andes-Peru region. Blooming size plant.

Cattleyas and their hybrids are most well-known for their impressively sized flowers and perfume-like scent. Although this species is less fragrant, its flowers are quite beautiful. 



Potting mix: Coarse orchid bark. Repot when pot bound in Spring. Benefits from additional air holes in the pot.

Light: Bright indirect - partial direct light. South or West facing preferred.

Water: Water frequently in hot months when media is fully dry, decrease in cold months. Quick drying is key to preventing root rot in Cattleyas. Water around the perimeter of the pot to prevent center from staying too wet.

Temp: Warm-hot (60F min night, 85F max day).

Humidity: 40-80%, high humidity must be accompanied by good air circulation.

Fertilizing: 1/2 strength urea-free fertilizer, every other watering as new roots and leaves emerge. Decrease to 1/4 strength in winter. 


Photo credit: Cattleya maxima var. alba - Giulio Celandroni Orchidee (

Photos of flowers are included to show an example of the color and shape expected from this plant. It is not the exact plant you will receive and is not intended to infringe upon the rights of the original photographer.