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Arber Bio Fungicide Concentrate

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Suitable for organic gardening. 

About Arber Bio Fungicide Concentrate:

Control challenging diseases longer with our Organic Bio Fungicide. Protects against fungus, mold, mildew, and rot using Mother Nature’s good bacteria. Say goodbye to disease on your leaves and in your soil and hello to stronger plants.


  • Prevents fungal growth, using peptides to disallow fungus fermentation
  • Strengthens plants' immunity by boosting the plants’ inherent defense mechanisms
  • Living plant spores create a shield blocking pathogen access to the plant on both root and aerial parts
  • Even in high humidity environments fungus cannot spread if it survives
  • Systemic controls keep the plants healthier longer and improve growing conditions


  • Disease protection for both indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Use On: Vegetables, roses, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, foliage houseplants, ornamental trees, and shrubs
  • Controls and Suppresses: Grey and white molds, downy mildews, black spots on roses, leaf spots, root rot, botrytis, and more


Arber's Organic Bio Fungicide is made from a unique strain of bacteria originally discovered in a rice field in Northern California. We grow and concentrate two major groups of natural compounds to make a powerful combination that stops germinating plant disease spores. Our good bacteria grows over the surface of leaves and roots, creating a protective shield that wards off bad bacterias and prevents disease from developing.

Active Ingredients:

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain F727* cells and spent fermentation media: 96.4%
  • Other Ingredients: 3.6%

*Contains a minimum of 1x109 cfu/mL of product
Net Contents: 1 pint/ 16oz concentrate