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Vanilla planifolia

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The vanilla plant you receive is less full than the one pictured. It will have a wood stake with 5-6 large mature leaves, a full root system and aerial roots. Potted in clear plastic pots with fast-draining potting media. Please note that vanilla orchids must reach 10-15ft in length to be able to flower. These are very healthy plants divided from a mature adult with leaves up to 5 inches across! Much more mature than many vanilla orchids you will find. 


Vanilla orchids are semi-terrestrial plants that climb trees and rocks in their native environment. They will reward you if given a moss pole or wood to climb and will grow quickly when given bright indirect light and ample water. Great beginner plant that can be potted in long fiber sphagnum moss or chunky soil+perlite mix. Fertilize once a month with your choice of orchid fertilizer. Do not allow to reach fully dry.